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cut the shit and start the pit

pretty words could never say
9 May
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For some moments in life there are no words......
breathe in
you know you taste like cancer
sorry i'm late. i was out spoiling my liver. i couldn't wait... the sun was up for far too long today. and i can't see straight, but the two of you look awfully pretty
you're fucking beautiful
a brain that never stops ticking, sometimes an on-off switch would sure come in handy, a mind that's constantly cutting up and dissecting, looking for answers committing murders along the way
is it the red wire or the blue wire, just pick one and cut, it just doesn't matter anymore, or did it ever, cause I could never control when the bomb would explode
sometimes there are dragons in my head I am in a
room with giants put on your black let's go dance
again step on each others toes hold eachothers
breath when I touch your hand mine all mine all
mine feels like summer again when I touch your
hair feels like summer again I fell asleep with
my clothes on dreamt that you were part of my